Israel’s new health minister to become minister of the environment

Israel’s newly-appointed health minister will become the first cabinet member from the Green Line to take up a position in the ministry.

Education Minister Yehuda Weinstein will become head of the ministry, and Minister of the Environment Uri Ariel will become its deputy.

Both positions are currently held by ministers from the West Bank.

The appointment of Ariel as deputy minister is an indication that the government will continue to push for a two-state solution, and that he is in line to become the third minister from the East in the government.

The two ministers are also expected to lead the efforts to create a regional government for the Palestinians in the West bank.

The position of education minister is similar to the one occupied by former Education Minister Uri Ariel, who was the first minister from East Jerusalem.

The new ministry is expected to be formally inaugurated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Ariel’s appointment is expected “to bring to the table a long-awaited overhaul of the education system in the occupied territories, which has been hampered by Israel’s restrictions on movement and access to education.”

The appointment comes after Prime Minister Netanyahu announced in November that the ministry would be created to oversee education in the territories.

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