The story of the Florida woman who died from medical bills

A Florida woman died of medical bills, including a claim from a nurse who was allegedly paid to perform abortions.

Read moreAt least one of the claims against Elleanna Jaremah, who has been in custody since her arrest, was rejected by the court, a source with knowledge of the case told ABC News.

A lawsuit filed in Florida court last month claimed that Jarempah was paid for performing abortions at a women’s hospital in Orlando, Florida.

The lawsuit alleged that Jarens’ employer, Florida Health Care Services, “provided her with false and misleading information and provided false and fraudulent medical and surgical services.”

The lawsuit, filed by a Florida woman, alleged that after Jarembah’s arrest in June, Florida health care services “did nothing to prevent Jaremmah from seeking medical care in Florida, but instead directed her to travel to the Orlando hospital, where she was allegedly charged with a misdemeanor and charged with felony violation of a health care provider’s contract.”

The case is still under investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office, the Florida Department of Health and Human Services and the Florida Bureau of Investigations.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Florida HealthCare Services said in a statement that the company “does not provide abortion services.

Florida health and human services has no policy regarding abortion services.”

Jarembahs attorneys did not immediately respond to ABC News’ requests for comment.

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