What you need to know about Westside Medical Center’s advanced care medical center

A Westside medical center is opening up its doors to the public in a new development that has the hospital scrambling to keep pace with rising demand for its services.

The Westside Health System announced Friday that it has closed its doors for the year.

It’s the first facility in California to shut down for good, though it could mean more closures for the rest of the state.

The closure is a surprise to Westside patients and family members.

They’ll now have to pay for an additional trip to Los Angeles to receive their final dose of antibiotics and other treatments, as well as other outpatient services, the hospital said.

The hospital’s new facility is called Westside Maternity Care.

It is expected to open in early 2018.

A medical marijuana dispensary is slated to open next year at the former Westside Hospital site.

The Westside Healthcare District says that is in the works as well.

Westside Health says it is looking to fill its current needs with new patients and to continue to provide care to families and individuals who have long suffered from health conditions like cancer and diabetes.

The closure of the Westside Care Center will help provide those services.

This story was first published at 12:30 a.m. ET.

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