‘They had no idea’: ‘They couldn’t even tell me I was pregnant’

On Friday, a woman told her doctor she was pregnant with twins.

She said she and her husband didn’t tell anyone because they didn’t want to “go through the ordeal of losing their baby,” and because they had no other option.

The woman said her doctor, Dr. John Schmitz, said they were in the process of having twins and had no intention of giving them up.

When the doctor showed up at the hospital on Thursday, the woman said, he did not tell her she was expecting twins.

“I thought I was going to be pregnant and I didn’t realize I was,” the woman told NBC News.

“He just told me it’s okay, he’s just happy for me.”

The woman, who asked that her last name not be used because of the stigma surrounding abortion, said she told the doctor she didn’t think she was ready for a second pregnancy.

“He said, ‘You know what, you don’t have to worry about that,'” the woman recalled.

“It was like I was telling him I didn, but I was lying.”

The doctor also told her he didn’t know she was a virgin, which was unusual for women who were expecting twins to have.

But the woman’s husband, who lives in Ohio, is not a virgin.

She said he did tell her he was going through with the pregnancy, but he didn, saying he didn�t want to risk it.

“When I heard that he said, `You don’t need to worry, you know, I don’t think it’s a problem,'” the mother told NBC.

“And he didn´t know it was a problem, but when he saw it, he was like, `Well, I guess that�s okay.'”

The woman and her boyfriend were able to confirm that they were expecting a second child, the mother said.

But after the doctors and the couple had a chat with their pediatrician, they said they did not discuss the pregnancy.

The mother said she feels so bad that the couple is not able to talk about it now.

“It was just like, we just got pregnant, we got married and now we are not going to talk to anybody about it,” the mother explained.

The couple has been told that the woman is not going anywhere until the medical issues are resolved, according to the mother.

“They were like, ‘I guess we have to be together now,'” the family said.

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