The Lad’s Book of Wisdom, a medical care guide for the sick

The Lad has been publishing his medical care book since 2011, and it has garnered some controversy since its publication.

The book’s main claims are that he has worked with many famous people and celebrities, including David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, David Blaine, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Nick Jonas.

It’s not hard to find examples of celebrities claiming to have worked with the Lad on projects like their own albums and TV shows.

But while celebrities are able to claim to have been involved with him, it’s hard to know who’s actually doing what on the projects.

In a series of tweets last month, the Lad took to Twitter to dispute the validity of his claims, and he went on to call his own work “crap.”

In a series on the Lad’s personal website, The Lad states that he is the creator of his book and has never had a relationship with any of the celebrities who have made claims to working with him.

He does, however, have relationships with a few other celebrities, like Kanye West and Jay Z, who also have been quoted as having worked with him on projects.

In addition to claiming that he’s “in the know,” The Lad says he has been a regular client of his law firm, and his clients have included Jay Z and Kanye West.

His clients have also included Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, who are both in his personal circle of clients.

The Lad’s book, however has also attracted criticism.

It was criticized by the Medical Care Credit Association, which said the claims were not based on sound science and were “incomplete and misleading.”

The organization also called for The Lad to cease making his claims about his work.

The AMA has since responded to the Lad, saying that his claims are “based on a complete and utter mis-understanding of the medical literature.”

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