How Peacock Care plans to spend $9 billion on new ambulances

Posted August 04, 2020 11:10:08A new ambulance is being unveiled this week, as the US Navy launches its newest fleet of military aircraft.

It’s a new model that will be part of the Navy’s new Maritime Expeditionary Response, or MER, program, and will be available to US and allied forces in the future.

The Navy says the new ambulatory vehicles, called “Peacock,” will provide medical aid to soldiers and marines deployed in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Atlantic Ocean.

The MER program, which was launched in 2019, aims to build up the military’s capability to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

Its goal is to reduce the number of troops needed for humanitarian relief, reduce the cost of deployment and reduce casualties, and increase the efficiency of the US military.

In the past, US forces have used military aircraft to transport troops to war zones, but MER’s new aircraft will have the capability to provide emergency care for US personnel and provide medical services as well.

In August, US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced plans to begin testing the new maritime vehicles in 2017.

The Navy says it will spend an additional $9.8 billion on these vehicles in the next two years, with the Navy getting a fleet of 100 Peacocks in 2021.

“It will provide an additional capability to our forces in an emergency situation,” Mabus said.

“In fact, we expect that by 2021, we will have a fleet that can provide more medical care to troops in a greater amount of time.”US military planners have been using the Peacocking ambulances for years.

It has been deployed to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to provide medical care and transport troops.

US troops also use these vehicles to transport medical supplies to combat zones.

The Peacocked ambulances will not replace the current fleet of maritime helicopters, which are used to deliver medical supplies and military equipment.

The new Peacocker aircraft will be capable of transporting medical supplies in a much smaller and more agile way.

The US Navy says that by 2025, it will be able to operate the new fleet of aircraft that will include about 3,000 Peacores.

The military is expected to spend about $5.3 billion on the new Peaches in 2021, with $2.7 billion going to the Navy and $2 billion to the US Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps will get an additional 5,000 military-style Peacoos.

The Marine Corps currently uses Peacokas to transport personnel and supplies to support deployments to the Gulf of Mexico.

The US Army has used Peacoks for transport of troops and supplies for the last five years.

The new Peacaocks will be the first to be deployed to combat in the United States.

US forces will begin flying Peacokes in 2019.

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