An Emergency Medical Technician in Texas Died After Being Killed by Junk Cars

A medical technician in Texas died after being killed by junk cars, according to local news outlets. 

“They got him from behind and they shot him in the head,” said local resident Brandon Smith.

“When they were looking for the guy, he turned around, he looked at them and said, ‘Who’s this?'”

Smith said.

“He ran, he ran into the back of the vehicle and they put him in, but he wasn’t breathing.”

Police say the vehicle was found in a field, and Smith said he believed it to be a Toyota Land Cruiser.

The body was flown to a hospital in Texas, where it was later identified as a medical technician by family members.

“He was a very dedicated man,” Smith said of his friend.

“This man was a good person, and he was going to be back, he was doing well,” Smith added.

“That’s why I’m upset, he went from working with my family to a whole new family.

He was a family man.

He was going places, and that’s why we’re upset.”

The suspect, an emergency medical technician, is not in custody and is still on the run.

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