The medical care of Virginia’s premier doctor

Richmond — A Virginia state senator is launching a campaign to put a $500,000 medical care fund in the hands of a premier physician in the state’s medical community, herndon.

Sen. Jim Moran (R-Va.) plans to propose a $50,000 funding pool for physicians in the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, a position he has held since he took office in 2015.

The move comes at a time when some state lawmakers are seeking more state dollars for medical services, including Medicaid expansion.

But Moran, who is up for reelection in 2018, is taking a different approach to providing more medical care than he has in the past.

Moran told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday that he plans to use the funds to help provide more access to care and better coordination of care.

The plan would include the creation of a new “state health officer” who would oversee the provision of health care in the Commonwealth, the senator said.

The idea comes as other state lawmakers and health officials have proposed changes to Medicaid expansion, which requires the federal government to pay for health insurance for low-income Americans.

Morana’s proposal comes as some Republicans have sought to eliminate the Medicaid expansion while others have focused on limiting the federal funding.

The proposal would also establish an Office of Health Access and Quality, a body charged with overseeing health care provision across the Commonwealth.

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