What you need to know about the deadly Ebola outbreak in Dallas

Medical care for the Ebola outbreak is in the hands of hospitals, nursing homes and treatment centers across the U.S. Medical care is crucial for patients who may have symptoms of the disease.

Here’s what you need in your area.

READ MORE Health officials in Dallas say more than 50 people have tested positive for Ebola in Texas.

The state has sent more than 2,000 health care workers and more than 500 volunteers to help with the crisis, including 1,600 nurses and 1,200 other healthcare workers, according to a statement.

The hospital that has treated the most people is Memorial Hermann, and other Texas hospitals have been working to treat as many patients as they can.

Health officials say the number of Ebola patients in the Dallas area has dropped to about 50, and the Dallas County Health and Human Services Office has begun testing people.

Health workers at Dallas Presbyterian have been testing people at the emergency room for Ebola, according the hospital’s statement.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city will continue to be a focus for the Dallas Health Department’s efforts.

Rawlings also said he would make a statement about the Ebola crisis, which has sickened more than 4,400 people and killed more than 5,400.

The Texas Department of State Health Services said its offices in Dallas and Houston have conducted tests and have detected no new cases.

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