Health Minister calls for review of SuperCare scheme

The Federal Government has called for a review of the scheme, which has seen health services including emergency departments, intensive care units, maternity units and a nursing home come under increasing pressure from rising costs.

Health Minister Peter Dutton has called on the Medical Practitioners Association of Australia (MPAA) to examine the new model, which allows hospitals to treat up to 400 patients at once, while ensuring patients receive the same level of care as any other patient.

The MPAA’s chief executive Peter White has also called for more scrutiny into the system, saying the scheme’s “cost to the health system has been astronomical” with many hospitals charging more for emergency and critical care services than they would for a patient in a typical hospital.

“It is clear that the system has not delivered the services promised and it must be replaced,” Mr White said.

Mr Dutton said he would work with the MPAA to “review the SuperCare model and how it will be managed in future”.

“There are significant challenges to our system, the GP surgery system has seen a significant reduction in patient numbers, and the GP system in Queensland has seen an increase in costs,” he said.

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