Medicare managed care plan ‘unfairly penalises’ seniors’ coverage

A Medicare managed-care plan that targets seniors and the disabled is being compared to the so-called “Dads for Dads” law.

It was introduced in the Senate by Senator Rand Paul and co-sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Ron Johnson, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen. 

The bill, which passed the Senate in May, aims to limit “over-medicalization”, or the use of medical services for individuals and families, and aims to help people pay for medical care.

“Medicare managed care is not the same as the ‘Dads For Dads’ law,” said Senator Rand Wyden in a statement.

“Instead, it will provide seniors with an opportunity to save and invest in their healthcare.”

Medicare managed healthcare plans will provide individuals with health insurance that covers up to 75% of medical expenses, while family members or others with higher incomes will be able to get coverage for less.

The plan will include a range of benefits, including: • Coverage for the medically necessary services such as vision, hearing, and dental care, and mental health services;

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