Medical students’ pay rises after government cuts

Posted June 05, 2018 07:01:48 Medical students are set to earn an average of $11.35 per hour, up from $9.75 in 2017, as government cuts hit the sector.

Key points: A $8,000 boost to medical students’ wages will bring their average pay to $11 per hour from $8.50 in 2017A $1,000 increase in annual medical student wages will raise $1.1 billion a year, the Department of Health said.

Health Minister Peter Dutton said the boost was to “provide some relief to people who are struggling to make ends meet”.

“Our aim is to make the medical education system a success and help everyone achieve the dream of getting a medical degree,” he said.

“But it’s not just about the students.”

The medical student bonus is a significant increase from previous years, when students’ salaries were tied to the number of graduates from their local community colleges.

A $10,000 payment for every year of a doctorate is due to be made to the Commonwealth’s Medical Education Fund in July 2020, which was set to end in 2021.

It is the second year the $10 million is earmarked for medical students.

The Government is currently spending $16 billion on medical research, which is being led by the CSIRO, the World Health Organisation and universities including Oxford University.

Its goal is to increase the proportion of Australian graduates from community colleges to 80 per cent by 2035.

Dr Daniella Foulkes, the director of the Centre for Health Policy and Management at the Australian National University, said the medical school bonus was part of a “long-term strategy to encourage more Australian doctors to stay in the country”.

“There are some things that have happened that have put us in a very difficult position in terms of the need for more doctors to come to Australia,” she said.

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Key points: The medical school increase is set to raise $9,000 a year for medical school graduatesThe $1m payment is the biggest medical student payment in Australian historyThe move follows a rise in the proportion with a PhD from community college medical graduatesThe Federal Government will fund up to $1 billion in medical research over the next five yearsThe Medical Students Union has been calling for a $5 million pay rise for the next three years to “bring the medical sector into line with other industries”.

The Government will pay $9 million to students and up to three other doctors a year.

“This increase is an important step forward to support and ensure we have the highest-quality medical students in the world,” Dr Foulke said.

Medical students’ wage rises will come on top of the $8 billion in savings the Government has announced.

More than $3 billion has been cut from the CSIS National Health Program and $1 trillion has been rolled back from the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) funding.

The Government announced a $2.5 billion cut to the Federal Medical Research Fund and the Medical Education Bonus, while the Medical Student Bonus will be boosted from $1 to $2 a year over three to five years.

“It’s an important piece of the overall package of measures we’re taking to ensure that the future of medical students is the best possible one,” Dr Dutton told reporters on Monday.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, but this is a big step forward in terms the level of funding that we have.”

The medical school pay rise comes after the Government announced it would not be supporting the Medical Students’ Union’s proposed pay increase.

“[We are] not making that proposal to the Medical Services Union at this time,” Dr Nelas-Tekhri said.

He said the Government was not backing down from its commitment to cut costs, while acknowledging the medical students union was “not being honest”.

“We have to get the job done, and I think that’s why we have to do that,” Dr Tekhri told ABC News Breakfast.

“The reason we have a

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