‘The most powerful thing she’s ever done’: Herndon’s medical director on how he helped a patient who was ‘so fragile’

A medical director at a Houston hospital was “so powerful” he managed to save a patient from a stroke, his wife says.

Karen Hernden was named the president and CEO of The Herndons in April.

She’s a family doctor who has worked in various capacities in the hospital, including clinical research.

Hernden, 62, says she and her husband have had a “really, really good relationship with the patients.”

They’ve treated a lot of them, but the one that really touched my heart was when I had to get an appointment with a patient that I knew would have a stroke.

It was a very fragile patient, and he was at a very, very low level.

So I told him, I said, ‘This is going to be so much harder than I thought,’ and I said I’m going to have to call your wife.

And she did, and she said, “Thank you for coming to see me.

It’s really great.”

Dr. Karen Herndens has a knack for helping patients who need help, including a stroke patient, her husband told CNN.

She has treated a patient with a stroke at the Herndes’ Houston hospital.

In the video, Hernds’ husband, Dr. Robert Hernd, explains how she made the appointment with the stroke patient and how they got the stroke victim out of the room.

The video also shows how she helped a stroke victim walk from the hospital to her car in her driveway.

The Herndells were at the hospital when the stroke happened, Hernts said.

They didn’t have the equipment they need, and we had to go and get it.

We had to put a lot more effort into that than we had expected.

They had no clue what was going on.

They were really grateful that she came to the hospital and treated the patient, because that’s how she would have treated that patient had she not come in.

Hernd said she was “very proud” of her husband.

She said she and the couple had had a very good relationship for many years.

But her husband said she also made sure the stroke was managed with the right medication, including the anti-convulsant ketamine.

She also got a blood test and a CT scan that was “absolutely amazing.”

She said the stroke is still a bit of a shock.

But it’s definitely been healed.

Her husband, who works in a pharmaceutical industry, said he’s not sure how long he’s going to work at the company.

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