How to avoid emergency room visits and other medical errors at your doctor’s office

The American Medical Association is urging doctors to make it easier for patients to see their doctors if they’re not able to reach their doctors.

The AMA’s new policy statement on emergency room access calls for doctors to provide emergency room referrals in addition to billing, billing codes, and billing records.

The group says it is working on a pilot program that would allow doctors to help patients with medical problems and provide access to the emergency room.

The guidelines, which are scheduled to go into effect in 2020, also call for doctors who receive emergency room billing codes and billing documents to “make it easier to make emergency room appointments and refer patients for additional testing and care.” 

The AMA’s recommendation comes after several states, including Florida, Louisiana, and West Virginia, enacted measures in 2015 that require doctors to report medical errors to their state medical societies. 

As we noted last month, states like Florida and West VA have been criticized for their lax emergency room policies. 

In an interview with the New York Times last month , a patient told the paper she was sent home after she fell into a coma while on a ventilator.

“I had a stroke, I got out of the hospital, and when I came back to the hospital I had to wait three days for my family to get me out of there because I had no pulse,” she said.

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