How to help Seattle’s new medical care center: How to register, apply and learn more

The new medical center will be called The Seattle Medical Center.

The goal of the new facility is to provide health care to the most vulnerable Seattle residents.

Seattle has one of the highest rates of preventable death in the U.S. but the city’s public health department says it has not seen a single case of coronavirus in more than two years.

The Seattle Medical Foundation (SMCF) says there are no deaths associated with the new medical centers.

There are currently two licensed primary care physicians, but they’re not all open for business.

The other two are also not open for patients, the foundation said.

The Seattle City Council voted last month to expand the citywide medical community by allowing residents to have an extra 1,000-square-foot patient room in a primary care facility and 500 square feet in a general health clinic.

Mayor Ed Murray said the new clinic will provide “access to primary care, including pediatric, geriatric, and obstetric care.”

The new medical facility is expected to open by 2019.

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