How to keep your skin from getting burned by the heat at the beach

If you’re thinking about getting some sun at the pool or the beach, it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof umbrella, sunscreen, and plenty of sunblock.

Here’s everything you need to know to protect your skin at the sun and keep it cool and dry.


Get your sunblock and sunscreen 2.

Wash your face and hands thoroughly before and after swimming 3.

Keep your eyes closed while swimming 4.

Use a water filter 5.

If you have skin allergies, you should avoid the pool and beach as much as possible 6.

Be careful when driving on the beach 7.

Wear comfortable clothes 8.

Wear protective eyewear and sunglasses 9.

Keep the beach open, especially during the summer 10.

Do not wear makeup and sunscreen 11.

Don’t drink alcohol while swimming or using sunscreen 12.

Use an umbrella or headlamp if you’re outdoors 13.

If possible, wear long pants 14.

Wear sunglasses if you swim 15.

Do NOT wear sunglasses if your sunburns are severe or you have to get up to the pool to get water 16.

Wear long pants, long sleeves, a hat, sunglasses, and long pants if you go to the beach 17.

Do a face mask before swimming, and wear it at least twice in the evening 18.

Keep an eye on your skin to make sure you don’t burn yourself 19.

Don a sunblock or sunscreen when you’re outside 20.

Wear a hat when outdoors 21.

Keep a sunscreen in your car 22.

Keep away from heat sources such as the sun 23.

If it’s the beach or the pool, wear a mask if you get sunburned 24.

Do what you can to keep yourself cool 25.

Use the sun block or sunscreen if you have any skin concerns 26.

Wear eye protection if you plan on swimming in the sun 27.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using sunscreen and a water spray 28.

Wear sunscreen if it’s not too hot and keep them out of the sun 29.

Don an umbrella if you intend to swim in the pool 30.

Wear goggles if you are outside on the water 31.

Avoid touching the beach waters while swimming, as it can cause skin irritation 32.

If the water is hot, swim only in shallow water 33.

Don your bathing suit and gloves when you go swimming 34.

Don t shirt, pants, and sunglasses when you swim 35.

Don the sunblock if you want to wear sunscreen 36.

Use long sleeves and a hat if you will be swimming 37.

Wear glasses if you don t have glasses, and avoid using them when outdoors 38.

If your sun burns your eyes, get a prescription from your doctor 39.

Wear face masks when outdoors 40.

Wear safety glasses when swimming 41.

If a sunburn has been the source of any serious injury, use pain relievers or a sun mask to control it 42.

Keep children and pets away from the water during the day.

For more information on sunscreen, visit the National Pool Safety and Health Institute website.

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