Why the ‘Nova’ family is now facing charges for using fake social media

The family of a New York City teenager who was allegedly caught on video selling “naked selfies” to unsuspecting adults has been charged with impersonating a physician and fraud.

John Nazzaro, 18, faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

He pleaded not guilty Thursday.

The “Nova” family has faced criticism for a social media campaign that encouraged users to call doctors, and they were accused of using a website to peddle their products.

The family also has been accused of trying to scam doctors for money.

Authorities say Nazzarro used a social network called “Nautilus” to advertise medical care online, even though the site is registered to a third-party.

They say he also used a “nautilus clinic” to solicit money from people.

The website’s creator, Aaron Kondrash, told ABC News affiliate WABC in an email Thursday that he didn’t sell the products or even know they were fake.

Kondraash said the company had been taken offline in December and never got back in touch.ABC News’ John Miller and Mark Greenberg contributed to this report.

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