How to get into medical care: A look at medical colleges

Medical colleges are a big deal in India.

There are hundreds of them, and they have a huge impact on the way doctors practice medicine.

Here are the best of the best.1.

Medical colleges in Mumbai are full of international medical students and doctors.2.

Many students are already practicing in a number of specialties in the state.3.

All these students can be found in the medical colleges, but there are some specialities too.4.

They are very selective in which specialties they teach.


There is a big demand for a doctor in India for the same reason.6.

They want to make sure that they get all their graduates.7.

Medical students want to stay in the city.8.

The number of medical colleges in the country is increasing fast.

They can easily get doctors from anywhere.9.

Most of the students come from abroad, but the students from the states like Maharashtra are not able to get doctors.10.

A few colleges are run by foreign students and the students are not accepted.11.

Most Indian medical students are from countries like Singapore, the US, Germany and the UK.12.

Most students from India come from the cities, but some students from rural areas also get a good education.13.

Some doctors are also international and go to prestigious hospitals like Mumbai and Hyderabad.14.

Medical education is expensive and difficult.

The average cost of a doctor course in India is around Rs 1 lakh.15.

There was a time when there were so many specialties, but nowadays there are just a few.16.

Doctors from the city are the most qualified.17.

There have been few changes in the way medical colleges work in the last three decades.18.

Many colleges are now run by non-residents, but they are not the only ones.19.

Medical degrees are not always recognised in India and students have to work for a long time to get their degrees.20.

India has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

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