Which of the Republican governors are most likely to be reelected?

The Hill article BOSTON, Mass.

— President Donald Trump is preparing to take a final swipe at the federal government as he steps up his push to take control of the health care system in the face of a federal budget crisis and a growing national debt.

Speaking at a rally in Boston on Thursday, Trump reiterated his call for Republicans to unite behind his agenda, arguing that the nation has been treated badly by Washington and that it must be replaced with something better.

Trump was joined by New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, a fellow Republican, who said he was proud to be an independent.

The two men have clashed frequently over Trump’s presidency and health care.

Christie, the Republican governor, was in the midst of a state-mandated recall campaign after a series of state lawmakers were arrested on charges related to a corruption scandal involving a Trump donor.

The governor’s office was also accused of using state employees to pay for Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s fashion line.

Trump said the country needs a new president who would “bring back the jobs, restore the trust and confidence in the country.”

Trump also said the Democratic Party should have stayed out of the White House race.

“The Democrats should have been fighting in 2020, fighting to be the Democrats.

We should have never been in this situation,” Trump said.

“We could have won.

The country could have been great.

We could have gotten a better outcome.”

Trump and Christie have sparred over the Republican agenda in recent weeks.

The president has called for rolling back Obamacare and for rolling the federal budget into the next decade.

Christie has accused Trump of trying to “make it harder” for Americans to get health care and called on the president to release his tax returns.

Christie told CNN on Thursday that he would “defend the president’s tax returns” in a statement to CNN.

Trump has been working behind the scenes to get his agenda passed through the House and Senate, and is now expected to push for the votes to pass legislation through the Senate as early as Thursday morning.

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